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Representative Cases

  • 1. Jury trial, directed verdict of acquittal, burglary.
  • 2. Jury not guilty both counts, attempted burglary and obstruction.
  • 3. Jury trial, motion to suppress evidence granted, plea for credit for time served and a suspended sentence, burglary.
  • 4. Theft of federal government funds, $142,494 over 8 year period. Sentenced to 5 years probation.
  • 5. Federal domestic violence charges on military base. Assaulted wife that was 8 months pregnant. Pled to $100 fine as sentence, no probation.
  • 6. DUI with plea for $600 fine, 2 years probation, and no jail time. Client had prior armed robbery and aggravated assault convictions.
  • 7. Removal from sex offender registry and dismissal on failure to register charges.
  • 8. Pardon from parole board argued as defense for failure to register charges. Case of the first impression in Georgia courts.
  • 9. Plea to suspended sentence for failure to register charges.
  • 10. Motion for Plea in Bar granted, case dismissed, theft by conversion.